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Command-line interface (CLI) for the Spotflow IoT Platform

CLI docs:




--debug: Enable detailed logging

--output: Format of output

  • Value = [json|plain]

--query: Query into the output. E.g. property1[0].property2

  • Value = [string]

--help: Show help and usage information

--version: Show version information


Data Flows

  • stream-group: Manage Stream Groups (Logical group of one or more streams.)
  • stream: Manage Streams (Sequence of batches containing messages.)
  • egress-sink: Manage Egress Sinks (Destination where the incoming message of a given stream or Batch Completion notifications might be routed to.)


Device Provisioning

  • provisioning-operation: Manage Provisioning Operations (An attempt from a device that would like to receive a registration token. Starts in a pending state and must be approved by a human which can choose to override the device id. The safest way for the technician to determine whether the provisioning operation is legit and can be approved is by reading VerificationCode from the display of the device. Optionally the device can also send arbitrary attributes about itself to prove it is eligible to receive credentials for the platform. Only after successful approval, the device receives a valid registration token containing the identity of the device.)
  • provisioning-token: Manage Provisioning Tokens [PT] (PT is a credential string (token) that is embedded into the devices. It is used for device authentication when calling Device Provisioning Service endpoints from a device. It may or may not contain the device’s identity depending on whether one PT is used to authenticate one or more devices.)


  • login: Log in to IoT Platform
  • logout: Log out to remove access to IoT platform
  • workspace: Manage workspaces (Organize of platform assets (such as devices, streams, egress sinks, etc.) into distinct and logical containers.)