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Tutorial: Route Data to Spotflow Grafana

This tutorial will show you how to configure the Platform to forward your data from the Device to the integrated instance of Grafana.


  • If you are not registered to the Spotflow IoT Platform yet, Sign Up.
  • You need to have an existing Stream. A Stream called default-stream in Stream Group default-stream-group is created automatically after you register. Create a new one if you want to use a different Stream.
  • Existing Provisioning Token.

We've already configured the Stream default-stream in the Stream Group default-stream-group to route incoming data to the integrated instance of Grafana.

Configure Route to Spotflow Grafana

  1. Open the link Data Flows in the left sidebar.

  2. You'll see the list of Streams that are organized into Stream Groups. Click the Stream you want to configure routing to Spotflow Grafana for.

  3. On the right side of the screen, you see the detailed configuration of the Stream. These options influence where the data are stored and how they are processed. Click the Egress tab.

  4. The section Routes shows all the Egress Sinks where the Stream forwards the data it receives. The list is empty by default. Click Create new route.

  5. Enter a machine-readable Name (allowed are only alphanumeric characters, -, _, and .) such as route-to-grafana. In the selection box Egress Sink, select Grafana. Click Save.

  6. Nice! Now you should see the newly created Egress Route in the list.

What's Next