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Monitor Devices

A fundamental aspect of IoT observability revolves around knowing whether your device sends data or not. This is precisely why the Spotflow IoT platform allows alerting when your devices stop sending data for a specified inactivity period.


If you seek a level of observability that goes beyond simply knowing that your devices transmit data, you might be interested in our OpenTelemetry integration or a guide on how to visualize data from your devices.

How It Works

You can configure an alert rule that will monitor a certain stream where you anticipate continuous data transmission from your devices. You may select a single device for monitoring, or all the devices that send data to the selected stream. When you decide to monitor all the devices, we will monitor every device that will send some data to the selected stream after the rule is created. If the monitored device stops sending data to the selected stream for a specified inactivity period, we will raise an alert, and you will be notified via e-mail. You can conveniently review and manage these alerts and rules through our portal.

Scenario schema