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As the example shows, Workspaces are containers that isolate platform assets. Because of the isolation, the Device robo-bob can't send data to the Stream wonderland. Therefore, make sure that all the assets that need to work together are always located in the same Workspace. In practice, we recommend using different Workspaces for development and production. They can also represent different projects in a large company.

A Workspace has the following properties:

  • Workspace ID is a generated GUID that uniquely identifies the Workspace within the platform.
  • Display name is a human-readable string that should describe the purpose of the Workspace.
  • The Workspace can be in two possible states:
    • It's enabled by default.
    • If the trial period of the User who created the Workspace ends, its state changes to disabled. It's not possible to work with assets in a disabled Workspace and the contained Devices are not allowed to connect to the platform. To unblock the Workspace, the User must either change the plan to a paid one or ask us to prolong the trial period.

Any User with access to the Workspace can invite other Users to join. Each invited User receives an invitation link and must click it and log in to the Portal to gain access to the Workspace.


First Workspace called Start Workspace is created automatically after you register. We recommend using this Workspace for a testing period, untill you feel the urge to isolate assetts and data. Then it is time to create a new Worskpace.